Live Webinar vs. Independent Study

Which is better for you?

What's the difference between the Independent Study and the Live Webinar Course options?


The live webinar includes 2 hours of pre-course recorded independent study modules and 14 hours of live webinar content provided by the instructors, Dr. Karen Litos and Dr. Karen Snowden.


The Independent Study format includes the same two prerecorded content modules described above, plus 14 hours or recorded live webinar content from a 2020 course. This includes the questions from participants. These are divided into individual topic modules presented in the same order as the live course. Participants choosing the live study sign in to the site and will have access for 30 days to view the modules as often as they like. Only the Independent Study participants have access to recorded modules.

Which course is better for ME?


What format do you gravitate to? Some people love the live interaction with instructors and sharing with other participants while learning. They get their questions answered as they come up through the course and complete the entire course in a condensed time period over a single weekend.


Others either dread hours of live webinar and giving up their weekend. They prefer learning independently in a format where they can review recorded modules at their own pace.

The other consideration for physical therapists are state CEU requirements for online learning. Every state has different requirements, however almost all accept online learning.  Some states differentiate between the maximum CEUs that can be submitted for "self-study" courses versus live webinar courses towards your total CEUs. Check with your state chapter. 

What is included with the course?


The content of both course formats is identical and includes a comprehensive course manual, additional clinician resources such as patient handouts and clinical tools, and access to clinician product discount coupons. After completing the course, participants can take an online post-course survey and examination to earn a Certificate in Menopause Education.

What is the cost?

The cost of the (Pre) Menopause course is $650.